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Last updated: 10/05/00


Volkswagen Resume Page
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Aircooled Pictures
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My VW Resume (In Chronological Order) bluehr.jpg (635 bytes) Pictures of other cool rides bluehr.jpg (635 bytes) Pictures of other cool rides (Cont'd)
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1968 Bug (My 1st bug)
  purple_bug1_sm.jpg (4231 bytes)

1965 Bug (First bug I lowered)
  brain_fart_sm.jpg (4377 bytes)

1966 Bug (2nd bug I lowered) - No picture
1971 Fastback (Lowered) - No Picture
1966 Bus (Walkthrough) - No Picture
1966 Bug (My first nice bug)
  2tonebug_sm.jpg (4172 bytes)

1968 Fastback
  tyson_pink_fback_sm.jpg (4204 bytes)

1966 Fastback
  1966 Fastback

1964 Baja - No Picture
1967 Ghia (My old Project)
1967 Ghia Convertible project (sold)

1957 Ghia Coupe (My new project)
1957 Ghia with 57K original miles

bluehr.jpg (635 bytes) Cool Convertible Ghia
  gia_sm.jpg (4034 bytes)

My friends Permavert

Lowest Fastback I have ever seen
  Way Low Fastback

A real nice bug
  Slammed Peachy Bug

A real nice late model bus (lowered)
  Slammed Bus

The VW Club I started in College
  Klamath Falls VW Club

My Wifes First Car
  67 Pink Bug
67 Pink Bug


bluehr.jpg (635 bytes) A real nice suicide doored bug
  bluebug_sm.jpg (6260 bytes)

Sweet Lowered Oval
  lowoval_sm.jpg (6669 bytes)

Cool Drag Ghia
  Drag Ghia


Watercooled Pictures
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    Picture of a nice GTI I used to own

         85gti_sm.jpg (4000 bytes)

    Picture of my 1991 Jetta GLI

    Picture of my wifes 86 Jetta she used to own

jetta_sm.jpg (4173 bytes)

er, our love for these cool cars.  As you can see in the Volkswagen area, we have both owned our share of these cars.  Look here for other Volkswagen links and pictures of other real nice cars.