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Last updated: 02/23/02


1977 Volkswagen Rabbit - 2.0L 16V - Interior
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What to do, What to do?
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Well, this is an interesting part of the project.  Initially, I was just going to live with the interior, replace the panels, get a rear seat that looked good, paint it black and grey to get by, and that would be that.  Just like my other projects, it didn't end up that way.

I ran into a local guy here in Portland, that does upholstery work on the side, and we swapped a couple of things (85 Cabby, tranny, etc.) for upholstery work.  In the end, he is reupholstering my Recaro's, covering my panels, and redoing my headliner.  I'll soon have pics of the front seats in progress, but for now I just have pics of how they used to look.  In the pics they don't look too bad, but that was one of the areas of disappointment when I got the car.  Doesn't matter now, they will be black with tan inserts by the end of January.  My buddies name is Andrew Crum, he does an excellent job, click his name for his email address, and let him know that you were referred by me if you got his name here.

More pictures will be coming by the end of January 2002.


Old Look


New Look


Recaro's Getting Recovered (Updated 1/14/02)
You can tell by the condition of the foam that the lower bolsters were in bad shape.  The upper bolster foams are actually in good shape, and Andrew didn't have to do a ton to get them ready for recovering.  The head rests have been covered, and the back of one of the seats.  The drivers seat and the RECARO embroidery should be finished within a week. I should have some more pics very soon.







Click here to see how it looks inside the car!