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Last updated: 01/20/02


1977 Volkswagen Rabbit - Bodywork (Cont'd)
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It has Paint (1/17/02)
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Well, I got to look at it for the first time tonight, and man was I anxious.  They called me this morning to tell me that the body was totally painted, so I had to struggle through work looking forward and wondering how the Nogaro came out.  I struggled with whether I should do Nogaro, or something else, and I am SOOOO glad that I picked the color!

I can't wait to see it in the sunlight, it was bright in the dimly lit shop, it will be awesome in the sun.  Here are a couple of pictures, the first one is a bit dark (no flash), but the rest really show how much it shines.  I'll have an Assembly page going up shortly, that will walk through the assembly of the Cabby Kit as well as the stereo installation, etc.  I included another shot of the Avante Wagon so you can see how it might look in the sunshine.

Click on the pictures to see the bigger version....




Here are some better pictures of the car out in a semi-sunny Oregon winter day...







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