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Last updated: 01/17/02


1977 Volkswagen Rabbit - 2.0L 16V - Bodywork
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Let's Start by Comparing Before and After.....
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Well here are a couple of pictures that show how the car looked right off of the truck compared with how it looked after the brake upgrade and new wheels.  There are also a couple of pics of  the car with euro bumpers, before I decided to go with the Cabby Kit.

Old Look  



New Look 


Pictures of Progress at the Body Shop

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The first set of pictures show the body work to remove the side markers, antenna hole, and all of the miscellaneous dings and dents.  You can also see my son helping me take a quick picture of the rear cabby bumper resting in place.



Update (1/14/02)....
Here are pics of the car after priming the sides and blocking the flat panels out.  They are working on removing all of the emblem holes in the rear hatch, and prepping the cabby kit.  They said that it should have color on it within a week.  After that, they'll finish painting the cabby kit and mirrors and they should be done.


Pictures of the Cabby Kit
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Here is a picture of the cabby kit before getting painted, soon to come will show pics after getting covered in Nogaro Blue (Audi S4 paint).  Also shown, is a picture of the Audi blue on an S4 Avante.





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