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Last updated: 09/21/99


1957 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe
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1957 Karmann Ghia

Price: I am asking $2550 for the car.   That price includes over $600 in new parts, see below for a list of all of the parts.

The car's history and status:

This car was a find!!  It was originally from Butte, Montana (nice dry climate), and has an original mileage of less than 59K.  The original 36hp engine, complete and never been disassembled, was removed to clean it up, and is in excellent shape.  You can actually turn the engine over by hand.  The body has minimul rust, it needs the passenger rear fender section behind the wheel, I have the patch panel, and a small patch needs to be done just behind the front passenger wheel, about the size of silver dollar.  The pans are in good shape, with minimal rust below the heater channel in the passenger are in front of the front seat.  There is also a small section of rust behind the drivers seat in the pan.  The battery tray is pristine and without rust, and the headlight buckets are also in good shape.  The front bumper is in excellent shape, the rear is bent here and there, but definitely restorable.  The windows role down with incredible ease, and the doors close perfectly, you can definitely tell that this car is a low mileage car.  The original trunk liner is still intact, a little warped, but in good shape.  The wiring is pristine and has never been clipped or messed with, there are no aftermarket connector's or anything.

Accessories that come with the car:
The car came with the small beauty rings you see in the picture.

Parts that come with the car:
The person that I purchased the car from, got the restoration off to an excellent start.  He had all of the parts well organized, and he had the following list of new parts for sale with the car (of course I had to get the parts, they cost me a total of another $600, not a bad deal):

  • Fender mounted rearview mirror ($38)
  • New European bumper guards ($50)
  • Complete outside body molding set from KGPR ($179)
  • Almost new rear turn signal lenses ($175)
  • All of the tune-up parts for the 36 hp engine ($50)
  • NOS 36hp muffler ($40)
  • A few other things that I have packed away but can't remember

Pictures: Click on an image to see the larger version. 

The original floor mats
Original floor mats without any rips, cracks, etc.

Battery Tray
Original battery tray with only slight surface rust

Door Panels Original Door panels

Uncut and original dash (w/radio block-off plate)

Driver's side rocker panel
Rust free rocker assembly

Original and unmodified wiring
Original Cloth Wrapped Wiring harness (in excellent shape)
The Interior

Under the hood (before)

Under the hood (after)
  A look under the hood

36hp Engine (it looks cleaner now)
36hp engine

The original rear seat
Original Rear Seat (looks like it has never been sat in)

The body plates
Body Plates

The VIN Plate
VIN Plates

The fuse panel label
Fuse Panel

Rust behind the front wheel (only on one side)
Rust hole behind the front passenger wheel

Profile of the passenger's side of the car
A profile of the passenger side of the car

For more pictures, click HERE