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Last updated: 06/22/99


The Sandrail Rebuild Project
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Prior to July, 1998 -- As mentioned in the family Sanrdrail page, I purchased this rail about 8 months ago for $4250.00.   The Previous Owner (PO) told me that it had a 2110cc engine with about 5 seasons on it, but that it still ran great.

The Project Milestones
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August, 1998 -- Engine developed an oil leak at the rear main seal, and the clutch was slipping up the dunes.  Wrecked the rail jumping it over a blind hill, stupid me, and cracked and bent the frame.

September, 1998 -- Removed engine to find a huge crack behind #3 cylinder that extended from the top of the case to the bottom of the case.  Disassembled engine only to find that it was a stock engine with 92mm pistons, and a small camshaft.  I ordered a new close ratio transmission from Transform ($925.00) that came with close ratio 3rd and 4th gears. Removed the transmission from the frame, cut the rear frame out to have it flanged for easier engine/transmission removal & replacement.

October, 1998 -- Ordered approximately $1000.00 worth of engine parts for the 2275cc monster motor!!!!

November, 1998 -- Ordered more engine parts, couldn't do any work yet.

March 19, 1999 -- Ordered the last of the engine parts.  Assembled the bottom end, totalled up the amount of money spent on the rail so far, $4000 in parts for the engine and transmission, with about another $300 to spend. (Whew, a lot more than I figured, but I know everything is done right).

March 22, 1999 -- Picked up the trailer and set an appointment for the welder to fix the crack in the frame and weld some better ramps onto the trailer.

March 26, 1999 -- Finish assembling the engine.

March 30, 1999 -- Picked up the sandrail frame from the welder, he did an awesome job fixing the crack and welding the flanges to the frame

March 31, 1999 -- Installed the transmission.

April 1, 1999 -- Well, I did it.  I purchased the last of the major parts for the sandrail for this year.  I just spent $500 to purchase the new 1 5/8" merged header with a U-bend, the Supertrapp muffler (looks way cool), two new struts to replace the blown rear units, two new front shocks, Flame Thrower 40,000 volt coil, a few miscellaneous gaskets, and a chrome alternator nut.   The total budget ended up at about $5000 for the engine rebuild, trans. rebuild, suspension rebuild, new seats w/covers, welded frame, and new ramps for trailer.   After looking back on how much I initialy was going to spend on the engine, ended up spending about $3500, I realized that I had to buy everything for the engine.   From things as significant as the engine case, all the way down to insignificant details like the dipstick, and the coil bracket.

What comes next? -- Re-wire the alternator and tail lights, install the engine, install the seats, re-assemble the rear suspension, and add pictures of the progress and finished product.

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