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Last updated: 09/06/01


Custom Interior and Stereo (Page 1)
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What to do, What to do?
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Well, this was another one of those areas where I have next to no experience with, and originally all I was going to do was run a CD Player with MP3 capability, and a set of 6X9 rear speakers.  Well, that is definitely not how it turned out.  It all began when my wife told me that a local stereo shop had a killer sale going on for car MP3/CD players, and lets just say that she regrets ever telling me to go see what they have :-).

After a little discussion about some custom front speaker pods, the sales guy connected me with their #1 custom interior/stereo expert, Chris Church.  For anyone local, he works at the Beaverton, Oregon Car Toys, and let me just say that he is THE BEST.  He showed me some of his custom installations, some totaling over $35K in labor alone, and I was hooked.  Check out the following pictures to see what I mean about AWESOME!  I truly don't mean to be boastful, I am just fully impressed by the creative work that this guy does, you'll know what I mean when I get the final pictures posted.

What kind of stereo, and what equipment?
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The components are as follows:

  • Kenwood MP3/CD player (not sure which model yet)
  • JL Audio 10" Sub Woofer (not sure of the rating yet)
  • 5" Infinity separates for the front
  • 5" Infinity co-axials for the rear 
  • Phoenix Gold 500.4 Amplifier (not sure of the model # yet)
  • Phoenix Gold Battery connectors, circuit breaker, RCA cables, etc.

Here are some pictures of the construction of the console (sorry about the lighting, they had yellow lights in their shop):


Some more pictures of the test fit of the console in the car:


The front speaker pods, molded to fit around the roll cage:


All of the wiring:


The wiring was a huge part of this whole thing, and as you can see, there is a ton of it.  They set me up with 1 gauge battery wires, and 4 gauge power wires that will power the 4 X 500 watt Phoenix Gold amplifier.  Below is a picture, poor as it may be, of the JL Audio 10" sub woofer that we will be using in it's own separate enclosure behind the passenger (should be a nice kick in the butt).  I should have some pictures of the enclosure by the end of the week.


Check out Page 2 for more.....

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