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Last updated: 06/14/01


Meyers Manx Roll Cage Drawings
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NEW!!, Manx Roll Cage Plans are now Available! (FAQ's)
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After many months of work, and many promises that these would be done.... they finally are!  I have made Adobe Acrobat files and AutoCAD files to be used to reconstruct a cage similar to the one shown on my Roll Cage page.  Initially, I offered the plans for only $10, but now have decided to sell them for $15 (I think that is plenty reasonable).  Obviously, I will still honor my original price of $10 to whoever I promised them to, but for all others, the price is $15.

To pay for the plans, it is best to send me a payment via Paypal, just click on the Paypal Button, and it will walk you through the rest.  Once I receive payment, I'll promptly send you a zip file with everything in it.  If you just don't want to deal with Paypal, send me an email and I can arrange a way for you to send a Money Order to my address.

Feel free to ask any questions before buying the plans, and also take your time to look at the pictures to see if it is a roll cage that you are interested in making for your Buggy.  These drawings are NOT full size, but DO have all of the dimensions and angles required to build the roll cage.  Also included are plain drawings of a standard and lowered single roll bar to replace the stock Manx unit.  Along with a standard Roll Cage assembly drawing is a shortened version.  Just like the lowered/shortened single roll bar, the lowered/shortened roll cage is cut by 2" for use with a lowered windsheild. 

Here are some small screen grabs of the files that you can expect to get (the ZIP file includes the following: 7 Adobe files, 3 AutoCAD files, 6 pictures, and 1 Word Document - Readmefirst.doc)  :



Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. Q - How big is the ZIP file that I will receive?
    A - The ZIP file is just a bit over 1MB
  2. Q - What do I get in the ZIP file?
    A -
    7 Adobe files, 3 AutoCAD files, 6 pictures, and 1 Word Document (ties everything together)
  3. Q - Are the drawings full size?
    A - No, the Adobe files are printable on an 8.5" X 11" piece of paper, and they are very easy to read.  The AutoCAD files are only used if you know someone with a huge plotter, or if you have access to AutoCAD to make variations.
  4. Q - What is the Word document in the ZIP file for?
    A - It is the file with some notes and pictures to help you figure out how to make the cage yourself.
  5. Q - What cars will this roll cage fit?
    A - This roll cage is universal enough that it should fit all Meyers Manx's (1 and 2), and also most of the Manx clones.
  6. Q - When I try to open the *.pdf files I get a "File Association" message, or a "Cannot Open File" message, what should I do?
    A - You need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the files.  Click on the following button to get the reader:

  7. Q - Do you have plans for the standard roll bars that the Manx club sells?
    A - Included with the complete cage assembly are drawings for a lowered and a standard rear hoop.  These drawings were taken from my original Manx roll bar, but do not show the bracket locations (where the bar itself bolts to the fiberglass body on the sides of the tub, and where it bolts down by the torsion housing).  The measurement for the side mount is 17.25" from the base of the rear hoop to the bottom of the side bracket (there are pictures that show the location).  This measurement is a straight-line measurement along the hoop, not from the floor/ground.  If you want to build the exact roll bar that the Manx Club sells, you will also need to fabricate the lower bracket, and you will have to cut the roll bar so that it is short of the floor by about 3" or 4".  For safety reasons, I would allow it to go to the floor and mount it firmly through the body, or just build a complete roll cage.

These drawings are a Copyright of VDUBN.com, no reproduction of these drawings is allowed without the permission of VDUBN.com, 2001