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Last updated: 06/10/02


The New Engine
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What to do Now?
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Well, if you have read my other pages on the history of the engine in this buggy, then you know that I have had lots of fun getting everything to come together (tranny and engine issues).  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the Old Engine pages linked above and below.

I just got all of my engine parts this week, and here is the final configuration:

  • 2088cc Engine (9:1 Compression)
  • Demello 78.4 forged crank
  • 92mm Forged Pistons
  • CB Performance 5.4" H-Beam Chromoly Rods
  • 44mm X 37mm Heads (Ported and Polished, Match Ported to Gene Berg Intake Manifolds)
  • Dual Dellorto 40 DRLA Carbs
  • Gene Berg Linkage
  • CB Performance AS41 Case
  • Pertronix Electronic Ignition (Pertronix Ignition Coil)
  • Pertronix Flame Thrower Ignition Wires
  • High Volume Melling Oil pump
  • Scat Race Lifters
  • Scat C35 Cam
  • Autocraft 1.25:1 Rockers/Shafts with Needle Bearings
  • 12 lb. Lightened/Balanced Flywheel
  • 5.5 lb. Equalizer Pulley
  • Pistons, Rods, Crank, Flywheel, Pressure Plate all balanced by Demello Machine

This engine will be assembled by the end of May, 2002, and I should have some pictures posted here shortly.  Check out my sandrail engine build to see how I'll be assembling this engine.

It's about time!!
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Well, it has only taken about a year to get the car back on the road again.... I just finished the new engine, here is a quick picture of it.  I'll be adding new pictures, video's, etc. in the next month, keep an eye out for the updates.

The New Engine | The Old Engine (Page 1) | The Old Engine (Page 2)