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Last updated: 05/21/01


The Bodywork (Cont'd)
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Body is Painted!!! (5/21/01)
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I just got the main body back from the body shop today, YEAHHHHH!! and as you can see, it came out excellent!  I should be getting the hood, tail lights, transmission, windshield frame, EMPI Valve Covers, and a few other miscellaneous parts within a week or so.  I need to readjust the rear suspension so that it sits about 2" lower, but I may wait until I have the engine and tranny installed to make the final adjustment.  This has been a long time coming, I delivered the body to them last August (2000), so that should give you an idea of how much time they spent on it.



Undercoating (5/11/01)
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Here is the undercoating that was done around the tub area of the buggy.  I'll have pictures of the undercoating under the hood in a couple days.  This stuff is heavy and durable, and isn't sprayed out of an aerosol can.  I think that it came out great!  We should see some color next week!



Primered Body
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Here is the body after a full coat of polyester primer.  Once that was sprayed, then they blocked the whole body, then sprayed a full coat of conventional primer.  The hood is still covered in the polyester primer.




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